Friday, July 10, 2009

The version 2.2.0 of Chemical Structures is released!

The Chemical Structures Project
The Chemical Structures Project provides a set of molecular structures. Each structure is stored in a CML file, that contains the 3D coordinates and some properties of the chemical compound. The project provides also a HTML interface for accessing the data. Two types of archive are available to download:
- a source archive, that contains only CML files and tools for building the HTML files
- a binary archive, that contains the HTML files and the structure as CML and MOL files.

For a better overview, look at the online version!

The version 2.2.0 of Chemical Structure has been released on 2009-07-08. It is a stable upgrade and provides several enhancement. The main changes and fixes are:
  • Traditional Chinese translation added
  • New compound categories:
    • Natural products
    • Peptides
  • New structures added:
    • 4-Aminobutanoic acid
    • Tetrahydropyran
    • Pyrrol-2-one
    • 1,5-Dihydro-2H-pyrrol-2-one
    • Norepinephrine
    • Coelenterazine
    • D-Luciferin.
    • R-Adrenaline
    • Aspartame
  • New version of Jmol included (v11.6.25)
  • The license and contributions notices have been added to the HTML pages
  • The build system has been updated. The out-of-source build is now supported.
  • Compounds and directories are now sorted by alphabetic order
  • Several bug fixes

As this project is Free Software, it can be freely downloaded from the SourceForge repository!