Thursday, February 22, 2007

KOpenBabel: a new building block for a chemistry-aware desktop

KOpenBabel is a graphical interface to Open Babel. It permits the conversion of chemical files (more than 70 file formats are supported).
KOpenBabel is divided in three parts:
- KOpenBabel3: a KDE3 interface
- KOpenBabel4: a KDE4 interface
- QOpenBabel: a Qt4 interface

KOpenBabel3 and QOpenBabel are the most advanced projects. Translastions are available in french and german. All basic features are working. Some works are needed on the translation of KOpenBabel4. Each packages are released under the GNU Public License.

QOpenBabel has been successfully compiled on Microsoft Windows XP.

A screenshot of KOpenBabel3

For furthers informations, visit the project website:

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