Thursday, July 19, 2007

PyMOL 1.0 is released

The version 1.0 of PyMOL has been released on 2007-06-21.

PyMOL 1.0 executables are available for download by current PyMOL Subscribers. The open-source code for 1.0 is freely available from the b10 branche of the subversion repository:

svn co pymol-1.0

Read the entire news on the Alchem Website !


baoilleach said...

Is it actually possible to compile PyMOL on windows from the open source code?

Jerome Pansanel said...

Yes, it is.
It works fine with Microsoft Windows XP, but I didn't try on Microsoft Windows Vista. I know that there are some issues with OpenGL on Windows Vista. I don't know if these issues are fixed.

Kimberly said...

i am having problems downloading and running pymol on my laptop with do i fix it

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing...
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